5-27-2014 Fishing-Grand River, Michigan

5-27-2014 Fishing-Grand River, Eastmanville Bayou, Ottawa County, Michigan

In limited fishing time, I caught an 16″ sheephead, and this nice 23″ channel cat:

Took the catfish home:

Got almost 2 lbs of meat from it.  There were some small baitfish near the shore and a number of larger fish feeding on them (I had one come and check this guy out in the basket).

Definitely the nicest fish of the year so far.  Fish was caught around 10:10 on a 20 lb mono line, 7 foot heavy action rod, 2 oz pyramid weight above a one foot Power Pro braided leader with half of a night crawler.

As far as conditions go, the Grand River was pretty close to normal depth, fast flow, water was pretty dirty, water temp was in the 50s, and air temp was around 70.

Clear skies.

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