Boardman River, Traverse City, MI, 5/02/2015

Counties Fished to Date:
Grand Traverse

Communities Fished in to Date:
Traverse City

I fished the Boardman River in Traverse City today, mostly along Hannah Park. (Note: if you fish downtown, bring quarters…the parking meters run on Saturdays too).  It was a beautiful day for fishing, and there were many people attempting to catch the suckers that were all over the river.

Time: 7-10 am and 3-6pm

Weather: Sunny and 70s.

Water: Perfectly clear and at a normal rate

Type of Equipment:
4wt fly rod with various flies, such as caddis flies and egg flies.

I fished the Hannah Park area of the Boardman River (Google Maps link at the bottom of the page). The river was full of suckers, but there were definitely some trout around.  A couple of nice steelhead were cruising up and down the river, and one was foul-hooked (released immediately of course), but other than that, they weren’t interested in anything.  The DNR had released a bunch of trout not too long ago, so there were several groups of small rainbows in the river, but I only saw one get caught on a bead.  I did get a couple of rises towards an egg fly, but neither orange or chartreuse did the trick for me.

Definitely will have to make it back with some waders.

Hannah Park:,-85.6241171,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0x793dda4af5b8eb1d

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