Deer Creek Park, Ottawa County, August 16

Time: 9-9:30 am
Temp: mid-60s
Weather: Clear

Deer Creek Park is one of my favorite fishing holes to go to.  I can usually bring in a nice bass and or some small pike, with the hope of catching a nice river brown trout (I’ve seen some decent sized fish in there).  Deer Creek Park is located just east of the Eastmanville Bayou, so if you’re not having any success at the bayou, be sure to check out Deer Creek.
During this most recent outing, the water was low, and the deepest hole is pretty much overgrown with weeds at this point, however, I was able to pull in a feisty 16″ bass using a top water plug that i have had for years but haven’t really fished with much before.  It was fantastic watching the bass blow up the surface after my lure.

This area though can’t handle too much fishing pressure, even though it flows into the Grand River, it’s a pretty small area, and not a lot of bait fish either.

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