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Fishing at Millennium Park, July 14, 2021

Fishing at Millennium Park, July 14, 2021

Had a couple of hours to do some bass fishing at the gravel pits in Millennium Park in Walker, Michigan. This area, although large, sees a ton of fishing pressure with it being so close to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

July 14, 2021. Fished from 5:10 pm to 6:50 pm. Weather was mostly cloudy with a bit of a breeze. It was warm and humid, air temps in the 80s.

The fishing was slow. I wasn’t able to land any bass, and only managed one take. The lures I used included: a chartreuse body bait that I ultimately lost; a small blue body bait that accounted for my only hook up of the night. I switched to plastic works shortly thereafter. Using both a black and red one. Had some bass follow the red worm, but they ultimately were uninterested in hitting it.

I did see quite a few largemouth bass, including some really good sized ones, as well as a bunch of smaller bluegill. But in spite of being able to see them, I was unfortunately not able to land them.

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