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Fishing on the Holland Pier 6-4-2022

Fishing on the Holland Pier 6-4-2022

Fishing on the Holland Pier on June 4 2022 saw some solid fishing happening in spite of a crowded pier. The state park was comparatively empty and finding a parking spot was easy. Water was flat, with an air temperature of around 60 degrees. Sky was overcast, and hazy. Rain threatened but much of it stayed south, allowing for some perfect fishing conditions on the Holland Pier.

Fishing on the Holland Pier Results

The freshwater drum (or sheepshead) were in quite thick and were being caught in large numbers, including quite a few large ones. Drum were caught on the pier using a variety of baits and methods. We used raw shrimp on the bottom on the channel side, while others were using floats with alewives and shrimp on both the lake side and channel side. Drum were also hitting on lures. A couple of steelhead were caught, including one being caught on shrimp, and a channel catfish was caught on the lake side of the pier as well. Alewives were also in quite thick, which is probably why the steelhead bite remained slow.

Overall, this was a great day for fishing. While viewed as lesser fish, drum are a easy fish to catch but put up a great fight. They also get pretty big which makes their aggressive nature even more fun.

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Fishing on Piers in Michigan

Fishing on the Holland Pier usually produces a mixed bag and today was no different! Be sure to stay up to date with our website for more fishing reports from the Holland Pier. We also get out to other Lake Michigan piers such as Grand Haven and Manistee. Want to add to our reports? Send us a message! We’re always looking for more Michigan fishing reports.

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