Fishing the Grand River, 7/1/2016 Johnson St Park Boat Ramp, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Took the kids to the Grand River on the west side of Grand Rapids over at Johnson St. Park, our target species were channel catfish and flathead catfish

Water level was very low, but it presented a safe opportunity to have the kids out fishing with me as there was a bit of an exposed beach.

Unfortunately, the water level meant that there were a lot of snags available to get tangled in as well, so I ended up donating a number of hooks and weights to the river.

It was a beautiful, clear evening, even the bugs weren’t bad.  The air temperature was around 72 degrees and the water wasn’t much off of that either.  We ended up with no fish.  With the water being as shallow as it is in that stretch, I’m assuming that the boat traffic does a good job of keeping the fish in the deeper holes.

We’ll be fishing all weekend, so keep reading!

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