Fishing The Grand River at Eastmanville Bayou 6 10 2021

Fishing The Grand River at Eastmanville Bayou 6 10 2021

Decided to try for early summer flathead catfish at the Grand River at Eastmanville Bayou, in Allendale, Michigan. This location in Ottawa County is one of my favorite places to fish because it’s a wide, relatively shallow stretch that has decent cover near the shore, but sees quite a few transitory fish. I’ve caught a wide selection of fish at this stretch of the Grand River, including channel catfish, flathead catfish, sheephead, white bass, largemouth bass, and even a king salmon that was passing through.

Fishing Conditions

The fishing conditions were a mixed bag today. The water level was definitely down from last year’s water levels, but it was quite muddy from the recent rain storms up river. Further complicating conditions were the cottonwood seeds that seem to be every where this year. This makes fishing with terminal tackle difficult due to the fact that they just seem to catch on the fishing line.

The water flow was relatively slow compared to what it’s been in years past during early June. With the lack of consistent rain in the area, there isn’t as much water flowing into the Grand River system.

Temperature wise, it was mid-80’s with a light breeze, and sunshine.

Fishing Results

I didn’t have much success with fishing for my target species today (flathead catfish). I did catch a number of other fish, including a bluegill which I used for cutback (best flathead bait), and a small channel catfish, whitebass, and sheephead.

I seemed to have gotten the attention of some turtles with my cutbait. Bending hooks and biting off sections of cutbait are two activities I’ve not experienced with flathead catfish.

I’ll be back here at least once or twice this summer, as fishing the Grand River at Eastmanville Bayou is always a great time.

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