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Fly fishing on the Rogue and White rivers

Fly fishing on the Rogue and White rivers

Fly Fishing on the Rogue River and White River

Fly fishing on the Rogue River and White River on August 14 2021, was a particularly challenging but still enjoyable day. Both rivers were very high, fast, and dirty from a week of storms, but I had to take advantage of an off day to hit the water.

Fished from about 11:00 am to 1:00 on the Rogue River in Rockord, Michigan, managing to hook into a very tiny large mouth bass on a nymph, and then a small brown trout, also on a nymph. Not a lot of fish were seen, as I said, the water was very fast and it was quite hot out.

I then drove over to Hesperia and ended up fishing on the White River for about an hour. Bringing in a small smallmouth bass and a creek chub. See all 4 fish caught in the YouTube video below(and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!).

The weather was hot and sunny.

Here’s a video of this fly fishing adventure:

Didn’t get any pictures of the fish (that’s what the video is for!). Here are some pictures of the White River (left) and the Rogue River (right). Both looking downstream from just below the dams. You can see how high both rivers are compared to where they typically are at this time of year.

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