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Fly Fishing The Au Sable River

Fly Fishing The Au Sable River

Fly Fishing The Au Sable River May 10, 2022

HOT day (weather wise) for fly fishing the Au Sable River. Air temperatures were in the 80s with an occasional breeze from out of the west. Water temperatures seemed to be perfect for trout, however, water appeared to be lower (it was definitely lower than it was during 2021’s opener). It was sunny with no clouds. Fished from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Heard from someone at the landing that there had been a spinner drop that morning with decent trout action.

Fished the Au Sable from Burton’s Landing (which also has a nice state forest campground, really a great way to spend a day or night on the Au Sable), which is just to the east of Grayling.

The Fishing

Worked up stream from the landing through the first bend, casting up stream and allowing my nymph to trail downstream past me. Focused on the shore lines and where there appeared to be cover. There were some small fish surfacing, and following my nymph but no takers. Continued working upstream until the second bend where there is a significant hole. Drifted the nymph through it a few times with no results.

Started working back down stream, casting and allowing the nymph to drift downstream along both banks. Near the canoe landing, I was able to pick up a small brook trout just off of the eastern bank. This trout was feeding beneath some overhanging branches in water that was quite shallow.

Brook trout caught on a small nymph with a gold bead.

Brook trout caught on a small nymph with a gold bead.

Continuing downstream past the landing, I kept fishing (mostly towards the southern bank) along the banks of the river and where there were shallows. I didn’t manage to see any fish or have any bites until the second bend after the landing, or the first real hole downstream from the landing. Managed to catch a 6-7″ brown trout (got a video of it, but no pictures).

Caught both the brown trout and the brook trout on a bead head prince nymph.

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