Grand River, Eastmanville, 5/8/2015

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I was fishing for catfish in the Grand River this evening, I love the Eastmanville Bayou access on the Grand.  The quality of the catfishing can be quite decent, with both large channel and flathead catfish caught.  Bass can be occasionally pulled from the Grand River here as well, but keep in mind that it is largely shallow on the park side.

Time: 7pm-10:30 pm

Weather: Overcast and 70s.  Periods of breeze and drizzle as well.

Water: Dirty, but just normal depths.
The fishing was slow, but there were fish to be had.  I only fished with leaf worms and weights on the bottom, as my goal was simply to catch some decent channel catfish.  I ended up with two freshwater drum, with the first one (pictured) being quite a bit smaller than the one I caught shortly after sunset.  This area definitely responds more predictably after sunset than some other areas that I fish regularly.  Particularly unfortunate though as the park closes at 10:00 pm.
I ended up 1 for 3 on catfish tonight.  I lost the first large on while trying to position my net off of the side of the kayak launch, but, I made sure that I played my last fish correctly and re-tied my knots and I was rewarded.  The catfish pictured here measured only 27″, but was a terrific fighter. He came in towards shore relatively well, but I spent a good 6 or 7 minutes playing him just out of range of my net.-ZG

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