Johnson St. Park-Grand River, Walker, Michigan. July 26th and 28th 2014

I had never fished at Johnson St. Park and so I spent two evenings fishing at two locations across Butterworth from Millenium Park in Walker, Michigan. Both nights were cool-ish and clear. Both times I fished from about 7:30 to 10 pm or so.

The first night, I fished just down river from the boat launch and then next to the boat launch. The second evening, I fished off of a fishing structure at a parking lot just before the boat ramp. Mostly drifting worms, I didn’t catch anything other than gobies, small suckers, small white bass, and small sheephead. It was relatively frustrating work.

Lost many hooks and weights. I fished the location because of reports of walleyes, however, short of being in a boat, the fishing was pretty spotty. I may try it again later this summer, but I doubt that it will become a regular fishing location for me, despite it’s relative close proximity to where I live.

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