June 3, 2014 Holland Pier

Today I fished off of the Holland Pier, on the north side (Lake Michigan).

Date: 06/03/2014
Time: 11:20 am-12:50 pm
Temp: 60s
Water Temp: Low 50s
Wind: Gusty, sustained winds probably around 20 knots.

    The water was choppy, but I was trying to find some early skamania steelhead with spawn but had no success with the spawn bags at the bottom.
    There were several large carp jumping around, and I also noticed a few alewives scattered along the pie, so I ended up switching to bodybaits.   After several tentative strikes, I used a Rapala Shad Rap and managed to catch a couple of nice sheephead.

I am thinking that it might be a couple of weeks yet before we start to see some skamania moving around the pier heads.

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