Paint Creek, July 19 2014 Oakland County

Fishing the Paint Creek July 19 2014.

Fished two locations:
The Clarkston Rd. access points as well the Childrens park in Lake Orion.

At Clarkston Rd., there was very little action, the best I could manage was seeing a 20″ pike chase a creek chub that bumped my spinner.  I did a nice trout in one of the holes, but the trout, indeed even the pike was really sluggish and not responding to any of my offerings.  I used rapalas and stick baits, even a couple of spoons.  I also tried to drift a wet fly under a bobber (I use a spin cast rod), and that didn’t work.  I did try to just drift a crawler as well, but there was absolutely no action in the only true hole that I found.

At the Childrens Park in Lake Orion, there isn’t really any holes, although the water might get to a couple of feet in a couple of places down stream from the car bridge (I think main st.  in downtown Lake Orion), I used a spinner a few seconds, but switched to just drifting half-crawlers and ended up catching 15 small bluegill and sunfish (five of them were worth keeping), I did see some smaller brown trout, however, I wasn’t able to get any of them interested.

I used my new Shakspeare GX2 Rod and Reel combo exclusively, with 10lb mono on it (I usually fish for catfish, and I don’t have the equipment to have a trout-only creek rod), and it worked nicely.

I have the 6′ 6″ version, Medium weight, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a decent rod and reel combo.

That’s all for now, planning on hitting up a couple of different areas today.

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