Paint Creek, Lake Orion 7/15/2016

I was in town for a bit this evening and decided to check out Paint Creek for the first time this year.  The air temperature was right around 70 degrees and the skies were pretty clear, with some clouds here and there.
Went out about 7:00 p.m. which was about an hour and a half after a good rain shower, so I was anticipating some muddy water and maybe hungry fish.

Nope.  The water was quite low (the lowest I’ve seen it), and the one or two holes that I could find at the Clarkston Road access didn’t have anything in them besides creek chubs, which was pretty disappointing.

Picture of the bridge at Clarkston Road access

I decided to go to the Children’s Park in Lake Orion as I have seen some brown trout there in previous years as well as some good sized bluegill.   When I arrived, the water was still quite low and pretty slow compared to what I’ve seen in previous summers.  This water is directly below Lake Orion and the confluence tends to keep more oxygen in the water than further downstream when it begins to heat up.
I did find one little hole that had some bluegill, small bass, one brook trout, and one really nice sized  perch of all things.  They weren’t interested in anything that I had offered, I had gone down to a size 18 copper john, but even the bluegills didn’t offer.

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