Black River, Holland, 5/16/2015

Counties Fished in to date:OttawaIoniaKentGrand Traverse Communities Fished in to date:HollandJenisonPortlandLowellTraverse CityEastmanville Location:Paw Paw Park in Holland Weather:  70s Time: 9:30pm-1:00am Water was muddy as is usually the case. We were fishing for catfish using worms on the bottom as the Black River is only a few feet deep at it’s deepest (at least by the bridge at Paw Paw […]

Grand River, Eastmanville, 5/8/2015

Counties Fished to Date:OttawaIoniaKentGrand TraverseCommunities Fished to Date: Holland Jenison Portland Lowell Traverse City Eastmanville I was fishing for catfish in the Grand River this evening, I love the Eastmanville Bayou access on the Grand. ┬áThe quality of the catfishing can be quite decent, with both large channel and flathead catfish caught. ┬áBass can be occasionally pulled from the Grand […]