Thornapple River, @Leslie E. Tassel Park, Cascade, MI July 30

This morning I was supposed to be on the east side of Grand Rapids so I decided to check out the Leslie E. Tassel Park in Cascade.
The park sits at the foot of a dam (there is a canoe portage and fishing space above the dam), and has about 300 ft. of fishable river frontage (you have to stand on rocks, but good access points abount).

Time: 10 am to 11:45 am

Temp: About 60 degrees

Weather: Beautiful, no clouds.  No wind.

I tried an assortment of lures and worm harnesses, but couldn’t pull anything in other than some small smallies on a gold rooster tail with a yellow skirt.  However, there was lots of fish action on the surface.  On the far side of the river, around 11:20 or so, there were some sizable fishing jumping and hanging out near some river bed vegetation.  But I wasn’t able to coax anything out from across the river.
This area looks to be quite promising though.  There is a small fishing dock down stream from the dam and as I was setting up on it (tricky to do with gear, it is quite narrow) a very nice brown trout jumped out of the water at the end of the dock, quite a surprise to see there.
Here are some pictures of the area as well as some of the lures I used with no success.

I am hopefully going to get out to this area again on Friday morning around 7 am or so, try to see what happens during a better fishing time!

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