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Wabisis Lake Fishing 9-2-22

Wabisis Lake Fishing 9-2-22

Wabisis Lake Fishing

Wabisis Lake is large lake located in Greenville, Michigan. On the eastern edge of Kent County. Tonight was a lovely evening for some Wabisis Lake fishing. We decided to target bass and pike from the canoe on Wabisis Lake, but there are also panfish and walleye in this lake. Fished and canoed from the boat launch (located on the west side of the lake) along the north shore directly east of the launch. Had to deal with wake from boats a couple of times, but that’s to be expected since it’s a very popular lake. If you are canoeing or kayaking, just make sure you stay aware of your surroundings.

We didn’t venture out too far due it being later in the day and taking time to fish, rather than just canoeing. Lots of small bluegill and a couple small perch were seen, however, they were all quite small. We didn’t see any bass either. However, we did manage to catch a nice northern pike right before dusk. The pike was caught on a chartreuse spinner (rooster tail style). Right off the shore side of the canoe. Here’s a collection of spinners that should work for a variety of fish.

The weather was nice, warm, and with little wind. Mostly sunny with a few clouds early on. Even saw a rainbow!

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